Campus Directory

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the campus directory?

This site is provided as a service to the University community and the general public to maintain accurate contact information for UA faculty, staff and students.

I'm a new employee at UA. How do I get listed in the online campus directory?

Since the directory draws from information in myBama, you are automatically added to the directory as long as you are an active faculty member, staff member, or student.

My information has changed. How do I update my existing listing in the campus directory?

You will need to log in here with myBama to access and update your directory information. Once you log in, you will be redirected to the directory edit page with your information. There are three tabs:

  1. Public Directory
  2. UA Alerts / Personal Information
  3. Emergency Contact

The Public Directory contains the information that will be used in the online search. This is the only information that will be available to the public.

The UA Alerts / Personal Information is used for official UA communication to employees. The address area on this tab is used for HR/Payroll/Benefit/W2 purposes. Changing your address online will update the Banner database and most benefit providers but will not change your address with the Teacher's Retirement System (TRS). No information entered on this page will be available to the public.

The Emergency Contact information will be used to contact family members or friends if you become ill or are injured while on the job. No information entered on this page will be available to the public.

All fields with an asterisk are required and are automatically supplied by the information already available in myBama.

apply changes

In order to save any new or changed information, please click the Apply Changes button before leaving the tab.

Public Directory


preferred first nameYour first, middle, and last name are drawn directly from your records in the University Administrative System. In order to change these, a request must be made in person to Human Resources. Official documentation of the legal name change must be presented at the time of this request.

A field for a preferred first name is available and will be displayed by selecting "yes" on the Please use my preferred name below.


When supplying a Primary Location, please consider which location best indicates where the majority of your work time is spent. In the event of a campus emergency, this location will be used by authorities to contact you and in efforts to verify your safety.

Only the location marked as Publish will appear in the Public Directory.

If you do not have a location listed already, please add the correct information by clicking the Add New Location button.
To add a new location, after clicking the Add New Location button, select your building from the dropdown menu.
new location
This will enable rooms specific to the selected building to appear in the Room dropdown menu. Please note that all rooms have an extra "0" in front of them. Ex: 211 is listed as 0211

new location room

Your Personal Address

All tabs contain distinct information. The Optional Information section of the Public Directory tab will not change the information that is under the UA Alerts / Personal Information tab. Please note that information under the Personal Information section in the UA Alerts / Personal Information tab is what is used for HR/Payroll/Benefit/W2 purposes.

Why isn't my middle name/initial displaying in the directory?

Currently, the middle name/initial is not visible in the directory. If you wish for your middle name or initial to be displayed publicly, you may use the preferred name field to display your first and middle name as shown in the examples below.

Example 1: Jon H.
Example 2: Jon Henry

May I hide my listing from the campus directory?

To request that your information be hidden from the public directory, please e-mail with your request.  Be sure to include your username and CWID in the e-mail.

Who maintains the information in the campus directory?

All information is contained in myBama and personal information is maintained by Human Resources.

How can I find a phone number that is not listed in the directory?

To inquire about a phone number, please call 205-348-6010.

Where do I put my mobile phone number?

You may list your mobile phone number as an additional number in the second phone number field or in the first field if it is your primary contact number.

Why doesn't my online profile show the updates I made in myBama?

The Campus Directory is updated nightly from changes made in myBama. After editing your listing in myBama, please wait until the next day to view your changes in the directory.

I'm still having trouble making changes to my listing. Can you help?

If you have any issues with your information, please contact Human Resources.

If there is a problem with saving your information, please contact the OIT Help Desk at or 348-5555.